True happiness and well-being spring from a noble heart.

Practices such as awareness of breath and other breathing exercises, mindful movement and whole-body awareness through yoga-asana, harnessing creative and collaborative conditions, cultivation of gratitude and loving-kindness, among others, are crafted to allow participants to promote an inner sense of well-being, concentration and mindfulness, and long-lasting happiness.

With these skills fully developed, one may enhance careful attention to personal and work-related responsibilities and cultivate deeper relationships and connections with people and the surrounding.

Noble Heart Wellness Services is the sustainability branch of Kalyana Mitta Meditation Center. By availing our services, you are helping us provide free meditation classes to more people.

Master the breath
with every pose

Book a Whole Body Awareness yoga class at the convenience of your home or office space.


Every session on the mat is an intention to bring that calm resolve outside the mat. Go deeper into your yoga practice by availing of a weekly, monthly or multi-day package. 

Share the
Gift of Wellness

Through sharing the Gift of Wellness, an initiative of the Noble Heart Wellness Center, you can provide conditions for others to start or continue an online practice that involves taking care of both body & mind. 



A private class especially designed to respond to the unique needs of your practice.


Practice with a supportive community that can boost your progress.


Choose a program that suits your company’s needs


This one-day corporate wellness program is coming soon.


This one-day corporate wellness program is coming soon.

Breath Bathing:
An Open Meditation Session

Reshaping urban open spaces, such as parks, green spaces, open grounds, Breath Bathing aspires to gather practitioners to craft their hearts together to inspire people so they may have a glimpse of a heedful life that is worth living. 

This open meditation session is free and open to all.

Community Service

Are you a member of a non-governmental and nonprofit organization or a local government unit and would like to provide wellness programs to your members or beneficiaries?

As part of our commitment to serve our community, we are offering wellness programs to NGOs and LGUs with waived instructor’s professional fees. 

For partnerships and other inquiries, please send an email to