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Our group practice and study program starts with sitting meditation and followed by a study and discussion session. Guide questions are prepared as the basic flow of discussion. 

Links or electronic copy of the reading materials will also be provided. Our sources are taken from translated suttas in the Pali canon and commentaries from current Dhamma teachers and Buddhist scholars.

The goal of this study session is to grasp a deeper understanding of the Buddha’s teaching so we may apply it and practice in our daily life. We are not here for the sake of argumentation. 

Should we wish to ground another person’s point of view, let us do it objectively and with appropriate demeanor. Please remember, our discussion is built on respect.

Respect for a person’s experience, cultural background, and potentials to learn the Dhamma. The initiators of KM will not tolerate any personal attacks on others and will serve as moderators during discussions.

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Our meditation space is located in a residential area and hosted by one of the initiators in her apartment. We welcome you to join our FREE guided meditation sessions and group practice. However, to abide by the security measures of this residential community and respect the privacy of its residents, we kindly request everyone to book and reserve in advance all sessions that you wish to join.

Please be advised that we will not be able to let you join or come in without a reservation. If you would like to visit the meditation center, kindly book your visit too. Please be advised that we do not encourage walk-in visits. Please book three days prior to your preferred session or visit and bring a valid ID when you come. Thank you for your understanding.

Strengthen your resolve in treading the Buddhist path. Craft your heart with admirable friends.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the session starts.


Tuesday & Thursday | 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

If you are joining a session with a group, kindly ensure that every individual in the group
has completed the online reservation form.

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